1. done by people acting as a group.
1. a cooperative enterprise.

Today’s organizations are built for a linear world: hierarchical, closed, top down and focused on centralized ownership and control.

We reject the status quo.

We are a collective founded on three core beliefs.

  1. We believe people are most impactful when they can align their work and their passions. Giving them the freedom to choose their clients, work-life balance, and path in life which allows them to attain true happiness.
  2. We believe in a new way of working that is in tune with an increasingly connected world impacted by disruptive technologies that can drive exponential growth.  We aspire to look beyond traditional corporate approaches to culture, communication, and organizational structure that limit a company’s potential to grow and innovate.
  3. We believe there is an entrepreneur in all of us and know that entrepreneurial spirit is nurtured when surrounded by like-minded individuals and the knowledge, wisdom and network of a collective.

As a collective who we are is as important as how we are organized. We are an organization designed for the modern age. Completely flat with shifting leadership based on the needs of our clients or the particular challenges we face. To continue to recruit the best, brightest, and smartest partners in the world it’s imperative that the new generation feels no less valuable than those that arrived in the beginning.

Our unique business model ensures that our clients pay for true value delivered by world class leaders and not corner offices. Simultaneously all of the revenue, after operating costs, is put in the hands of the people doing the work – allowing us to attract industry leaders.

When you reduce the barriers between people and clients through re-imagined culture, communication, and compensation new possibilities are unlocked. Unbound by conventional thinking we believe we offer a clients a path forward that others cannot.

We are change.

We are Chameleons.


Chameleon is a collective that works together to help business grow and transform from the executive to the executional level. Core functions include management consulting, marketing, and executive recruiting.

Chameleon Collective was founded to help grow and build great companies. It’s comprised of senior executives and entrepreneurs who not only define the strategy, but can help you execute. We drive marketing, business development, and innovation across the media, retail, and technology sectors.

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Chameleon Connections helps companies to find world class marketing, creative, sales, and marketing talent. We leverage our robust network and our process, C3, to match brilliant people with brilliant employers.


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Code Orange are digital marketers, creative minds, product designers, and technologists that augment existing marketing organizations giving the capabilities they need to be competitive in today’s fast moving marketplace.


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